Technology has qualitatively enhanced our lives making it crisp and brisk and computers are the most visible benefits of technology.

They can improve any aspect of life. Our Computer Center, thus, has a very important role in the lives of our students, faculty members and academic staff. In addition to the computing resourcefulness offered by computers, in today`s times, computers also connect us to the outside world.

Computers open doors to a vast virtual space full of extensive information on almost every subject. Hence, our Computer Center is equipped with fast computers and a fast Internet connection, using the latest software. Direct Satellite Link Internet Connection, Wi-Fi connection. We have a dedicated uninterrupted connectivity at the constant speed of 2 Mbps.

Students and faculty members use the connection for sending and receiving e-mails, surfing on the web, and uploading and downloading web-based applications. In addition, the internet enables our students and faculty members to keep in touch with the latest trends in academic and the corporate world. Our Placement Cell uses it for networking with potential employers and guest lecturers for our students. Further, our students acquire presentation skills through the constant use of computers.

This ensures that they prepare their projects well and get due recognition as professionals.